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  • Answer to "Stringing all over the place"
  • Answer to "Printerspeed not equal to palette 2S"
  • Answer to "I am having trouble slicing a file made by Mosaic"
  • Answer to "Error code 104: Filament could not be moved to target splice position"
  • Answer to "i'm getting a "Piece Too Short" Error in Chroma"
  • Answer to "palette will not turn on"
  • Answer to "Which printers are compatible with Palette?"
  • Answer to "splices breaking after tuning and cal"
  • Answer to "Is there any reason that the "stop print" message might be trigged?"
  • Answer to "My screen inputs are offset"

Guide Comments

  • Calibrate SPC and PPM
  • Screen Firmware Troubleshooting - S model
  • Multi-Spool Mode
  • Canvas Hub (S) Factory Reset
  • Palette 2 Firmware Release Notes
  • Accessory Mode Calibration Print
  • How to View Pings in Accessory Mode
  • Slicer Compatibility with Palette
  • Printer Compatibility with Palette

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