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  • Answer to "insert the Gcode and maf in order to resume an interrupted color print"
  • Answer to "Do I control temperature and movement / extrusion on a single page?"
  • Answer to "First splice brittle PAL to PLA"
  • Answer to "Hub shows solid light and doesn’t appear in available networks"
  • Answer to "Why bring out new hardware when the slicer is in need of major upgrade"
  • Answer to "Change to another port than default Octoprint."
  • Answer to "My print ends early but is not complete, Palette is about 70%"
  • Answer to "Is there a way to make the printer auto heat the extruder and bed?"
  • Answer to "tronxy x5sa pro > canvas hub s error"
  • Answer to "Why oh why, Colours printing in the wrong order"

Guide Comments

  • Printer Compatibility with Palette
  • Printer Compatibility with Palette
  • Calibrate SPC and PPM
  • Calibrate SPC and PPM
  • Chroma V3.2.2
  • Chroma V3.2.2

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